Lord Huey

       On a dark stormy night many years ago,the world was graced with the presence of Lord Huey. His imagination has run wild and unchallenged until recently. The decision was made to share the wonders of his mind to anyone that would open their mind to it. 

        He is not limited to one style or genre, but writes more towards fiction and fantasy. Much of his work consists of  poetry and short stories, but he will not be limited to just those. He has a book in the works and plans to create a world so vast and enriching that many would like to be part of it. His debut book "The Ramblings of a Mad Lord Vol.1" is a collection of poetry and short stories and is available of Amazon

       Be part of the movement and live for the adventure. I invite one and all to follow along and become one of my knights.

      A Knight Of  Huey!